Key Issues

Criminal Justice Reform

Upholding the rule of law is fundamental in sustaining our criminal justice system.  We do this by protecting individual freedoms and liberties, guaranteed by the constitution under our Great Republic. During my eight-year tenure at the Marion County Prosecutor’s office, I fought against short-term selfish thinking leaders. I was assertive and worked hard to be fair to the people of Indianapolis.

I recognize the need to address social concerns within our community.  One of these is the disproportionate number of African Americans incarcerated in Marion County for non-violent crimes. Representative Carson has spent years in Washington DC, advancing his personal agenda and that of the radical left while ignoring the concerns of the African American community in Indianapolis. As your representative, I will address these concerns by supporting the First Step Act’s accomplishments, and similar legislation that aims to reform our criminal justice and sentencing system responsibly. I believe the Second Step Act should include re-entry programs and avenues of reducing the unemployment rate of offenders with non-violent criminal records, for both men and women.


We believe that ALL life is valuable, and congress must work hard to protect unborn children, whether in the womb or at the end of life. This fundamental right strongly protected by our constitution, continues to be undermined by radical agendas in Washington and across our nation.  I will continue to fight for the rights of the unborn and support legislation that respects and protects the sanctity of human life. We will answer the call to care for widows, orphans and the sojourner, because each of us is valued in the eyes of God. I believe this is what our community wants, and it’s what Indianapolis wants. 

Job and Economic Development

I stand committed with great tenacity, to work courageously in advancing sustainable change by creating real business opportunities for the 7th district. Washington needs to take cues from Indiana by creating a business-friendly environment, which attracts well-paying jobs. I will push for deregulation in the business sector. Once elected, I will emphasize the need for an expanded apprenticeship and job training programs. My undying commitment to Indianapolis and this great country, coupled with my prudence and years of experience cooperating with other business community leaders, will create a city, community, and culture to serve as a model of excellence.

Uphold the Constitution

Our constitutional foundation has allowed us to weather many storms in the last several centuries, protecting our freedoms and upholding our rights.  We have witnessed many who have traveled from afar to experience these freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will continue to hold dear these freedoms and seek to protect them while in office.

National Debt

We can no longer ignore our federal deficit and out-of-control spending. We must make fiscal responsibility a priority, as we have done in the State of Indiana. It’s time for Congress to curb massive spending by balancing its budget. We must have the courage to make difficult decisions or face the prospect of leaving our children and future generations in dire straits. I commit to respecting your hard-earned tax dollars and push for responsible fiscal legislation that reflects Indiana’s commitment to fiscal responsibility.


The military has been an integral part of my family. My father was in the Air Force during the Korean War, my brothers are Marines and served during the Vietnam War, my husband is retired Army, and my son is an officer in the Navy. Generations of my family have committed their lives in service to our country, of which I have tremendous respect and pride. I remember, as a young child growing up in Fort Wayne, with a plaque on our wall, and a sticker on the front door that said, “We are a Marine Family.”

In adulthood I joined the ranks as an attorney, representing Veterans before the Department of Veteran Affairs, Benefits, and Compensation.  The care and encouragement of Veterans who served to protect America is a priority.  I also support a well-trained military ready to defend and protect at the borders and abroad. In Congress, I will support legislation that establishes programs providing resources for our Veterans when they return home, as well as  infrastructure that supports military families through hardship. 

Immigration Reform

Immigration reform, instead of piecemeal legislation, must be a priority for our nation. As representatives of the American people, we can no longer allow this important legislation to  be neglected and languish in committees. I will work across the aisle to push for comprehensive immigration reform that upholds the rule of law.